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Company Culture

The smaller company lifestyle component drives a work-life balance into the culture that keeps our employees enjoying time with their families at home.

The theme of corporate entrepreneurship and innovation in our workforce creates ample energy to continue the growth and success of the company.

Be sure to read through our company philosophy and core purpose. ICON’s team is passionately inspired and motivated by our unique value system.

Company Policies

Working at ICON, we have set company policies that reflect our standards in the workplace. These standards include:

At ICON, we value working with individuals from all walks of life, and as an equal opportunity employer, do not discriminate based on age, sex, gender, religion, race, or national origin.

In fact, we value a diverse workforce whose individual skill-sets and unique problem-solving capabilities in their own respective cultures and educational backgrounds ultimately thrive in a collaborative environment.

At ICON, safety is paramount. We care deeply about the well-being of not only our employees, but also, the safety of those who work around us.

To protect the health and well-being of our team, we take a proactive approach on safety and ensure we are up-to-date on best industry safety practices and standards. Our approach is weaved into each each step of the job, from the warehouse to the job site. Every safety precaution is taken to avoid accidents, and situational awareness is continually a topic of discussion.

In addition to a core value of work-life balance, teamwork is a key component of our company culture. Teamwork allows us to make the impossible possible, to solve complex challenges, and to  improve  workplace efficiency.

What that means for you as an employee is the rewarding feeling of satisfaction of achievement. And when the job is done right the first time, it means we can spend less time troubleshooting and more time at home with our families, enjoying personal hobbies, and taking time to unwind.

We don’t focus on just the financial outcomes of a project as a key metric for success. Our goal is to provide an environment that rewards taking actions on new ideas that may pose a risk, but with the ultimate goal of creating opportunities such as providing better service to our customers, streamlining operations, and creating overall improvements in company culture.

ICON does not believe in punishing those who take risks and fail. We believe that we can only innovate through new ideas that involve risk, and that without getting outside of our comfort zone, we cannot be expected to learn and grow together as a company, and more importantly, as professionals on a path to becoming the best at what we do.

It is these company policies that allow our workforce to grow and thrive together, as a central unit cohesively working together towards a common goal.

Veteran Employment Opportunities

We highly encourage Veterans to apply for employment opportunities with us. We are a Veteran-owned, Veteran-friendly company that understands the challenges that come with transitioning back into civilian life.

How to Apply

To apply for a position, please contact us here and please submit a cover letter, resume, and any other supporting documents.